What is osASP?

osASP is an open source implementation of Active Server Pages, i.e.:

  • osASP is a template rendering engine to build dynamic HTML pages
  • osASP provides server-side scripting with the javascript language (vbscript is not supported yet)
  • osASP is implemented in the javascript language, and based on node.js (www.nodejs.org)
  • osASP is free (100% free, no strings attached)


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GitHub project created!

Check it out:



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Ok let’s start with tools used to build this project:

Let’s setup the github repo right now!

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Why osASP?

Welcome to osASP. This is a shy attempt to provide open source Active Server Pages to the community – and a migration path from Windows to Linux for classic-ASP applications…

Active Server Pages, ASP for short, are Microsoft’s server-side scripting technology, integrated within Internet Information Server (IIS) and based on javascript (jscript) or visual basic script (vbs). So far, Microsoft has always provided backward compatible operating systems for ASP – but this may not be always the case (classic ASP are disabled by default in latest Windows operating systems – this is a clear sign that this technology is obsolete and will not be supported some day).

For more on ASP:

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